Readers everywhere, please make yourself at home. I love to write and I’d do it if no one ever read a word. But there’s something special and appealing about the Reader-Writer relationship. When I finish a great novel, I’m always amazed that the given author was able to – despite time, distance and maybe even the author’s death – transport me into a world they created. And that’s what I want to do with you. I want to engage you, the Reader, in that same magical, mystical, transcendant way that completes the circuit between us.

I hope to entertain you. This will entail making you laugh, maybe scare you, even offend you sometimes. But I always hope to make you think and imagine in new and unexpected ways. Thanks for taking this initial step on our journey together.

DMS 10.24.20

Published by DM Schwartz

When not tending to hospitalized patients or writing, DM Schwartz (MD, MBA) enjoys mountain biking, film making, a good IPA and spending time with family.

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